Michael McKenry | Catcher
Pittsburg Pirates

“Petrone is the real deal. Before I met Charlie I thought I knew how to train, but I was wrong. He has become not only a mentor, but my friend. Petrone is more than just improving physically; some of my biggest improvements have come mentally. I train with him every off-season and throughout the year to keep the edge. Also, I have learned how to live the life-style of an athlete by learning what needs to go into my body to be at my best condition. Thank you Charlie. “If you are giving 99% you are failing.”
michael mckenry 2

Tony Campana | Outfielder
Arizona Diamond Backs

“My first year working with Charlie this offseason and I couldn’t have been happier. Charlie takes the time to make out each workout for the individual or group so that you can get the best out of your body. I didn’t just go through the same old lifts everyday. I felt like he also helped to make me not only get stronger but be more athletic. I feel as strong and fast as I ever have and would recommend Charlie to anyone.”

tony compana

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