Luke Hochevar 2

Luke Hochevar |  Pitcher
Kansas City Royals

“Training with Charles has taken my strength, conditioning, athleticism and pure baseball performance to a level that I have never been.  Although that is the main goal but being an athlete long enough I understand that the mental side is just as important.  Charles creates an atmosphere to where mental strength is challenged and built. Yes he is the best trainer I have worked with but through our business has become a close friend and mentor.”



Yan Gomes | Catcher
Cleveland Indians

“Petrone training has played a huge part in my in season game and training. Charlie understands what athletes need to get to the next level. Every training day he has challenged us to get better at some aspect of our game. The relationship that Charlie and I have built will last a lifetime.”
Yan Gomes




Todd Helton | First Baseman
Colorado Rockies (Retired)

“For me, personally, it is hard to get in the gym and lift weights. Charlie is a real motivator. He makes it fun to get in there and do the work. I believe my successful 2000 season was in part due to my off-season training program with Charlie. He emphasized flexibility over bulk, which really helped my swing.”




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