JP SMith2

John-Patrick Smith
ATP Professional
Formerly the University of Tennessee, Tennis Player

“Having competed at the collegiate level, the jump from college tennis to professional tennis is a significant leap. You are no longer competing against young men, but instead against the best tennis players in the world. The duration of tennis matches increase, and so does the physicality of the sport. Two of the biggest areas that I need to work on in my game are my endurance and strength to last a five set tennis match in the sweltering conditions of Australia or in South America. Addressing these issues is what is going to take my game to the next level and allow me to compete against men of that physical nature. Petrone training is structured around the areas that I need to improve on in order to reach that next level, and having worked at his facility for a year now, I feel those areas are improving. The training is very unique in the way that it is never the same exercise routine, but a lot of variety and challenging work that I am very motivated to take part in. The workout environment is also challenging as it employs doing exercises in a hot facility with other athletes who are just as desired to reach their sporting potential. In order to be the best, you need to have the physical work tolerance that will allow you to compete at the highest level. Petrone training gives me that edge over other tennis players because I know that they are not doing this specific training that is going to allow them to compete on the strenuous tennis level that is required. With that being said, the results are evident, and my body is in great tennis shape.”


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