Dr. James Choo
Extreme Sports Enthusiast
Mountain Climber

“I have known Charlie for over twenty years and have seen the development of hundreds of his athletes. There is no one more passionate about his craft than Charlie. Since the time I started training for mountaineering I have benefitted from his encouragement and insight. My preparation in the Wood Gym has helped me to climb safely all over the world. His willingness to tackle the challenges of a climber’s needs in the mountain is what sets Charlie a part. He thinks outside the box throwing road riding, mountain biking, climbing with heavy packs, circuit training, plyometrics, power lifting and Olympic weight lifting at me to get me ready. In my dreams to climb the tallest mountain in the world, there is no one I trust more with my life than Charlie. In previous years Charlie has an eye and the experience to predict what his clients and athletes can physically accomplish. He also has the knowledge to get them to their goals and to meet their talents and abilities. All of my work under Charlie’s guidance culminated into a trip to Tanzania. I set out to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest free standing mountain in the world. The mountain stands at 19,340 feet, but I had all of the confidence that the mental and physical preparation with Charlie would get me to the top. I was just one of four out of my group that made it to the Uhuru peak, the summit. Kilimanjaro had the most snow fall in over 18 years turning 70% of the expedition companies away before getting to the top. With my training I was able to reach the summit from Barafu base in 5 hours, which takes most others 6-9 hours without snow. Kilimanjaro got Petrone’d! Now that’s donuts!”
james choo








fred smith2

Fred Smith, IV
Melrad Team | XTERRA Triathlete

“I started training with Charles in my early high school years back when he was still hoarding pay checks in the glove box of his Honda Civic hatchback. He made a huge impact on me then, so when I decided to get into competitive triathlon racing at age 30, I knew I had to call Petrone. I love the blend of old school methods and new school knowledge that he throws at you. When you step in his gym, you know its time to go to work. No mirrors in there, because with Charles it’s all about being humble and hungry. He really helped me develop and maintain the strength and speed that I needed to compete at an elite level throughout a 10 month racing season. Since going all-in with Petrone again in 2007, I have climbed the amateur ranks and placed 9th overall at the 2010 Xterra World Championships. I’m a Petrone lifer!”
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