Michael Annett
Pilot Flying J Nascar Sprint Cup Series
2014 Rookie of Year Candidate

“Thank you for the hospitality and great customer service the last two days!  Michael and I have great appreciation for both of you and your business model.  Your personal touch and passion is tough to beat!  The two of you do an outstanding job and I am even more impressed with how well you complement eachother in the training & nutrition departments.  I look forward to scheduling other clients with you in the near future.  I am confident the Petrone methods will give our clients an edge both mentally & physically. Again thanks! Nice work!”



Bryan White
Nascar Pit Crew, Miller Lite-Penske Racing (Retired)

“Charlie has been the one constant in my career over the last 13 years. From Division I football, to NFL try outs, to a NASCAR pit crew team, he has provided me with the skills to be at my best in all aspects of the sport. Petrone not only makes you a better athlete physically, it makes you a better athlete mentally. Through his various training methods and never give up attitude you leave the gym knowing that whatever you may come across, you know you can overcome it.”
bryan white



ryan sipes

Ryan Sipes
Professional Motocross

“I came to Charlie not knowing what to expect. I knew he had trained Olympic athletes and professional football and baseball players, but would he really know what it took to be a motocross racer? I was blown away by the knowledge he had in the field of motocross. He knew what exercises I should do, what exercises I should stay away from, and what kind of mental edge it takes to be a competitor in my sport. He is constantly trying to learn more about motocross and the kind of fitness it takes. After three days of fairly light training at Charlie’s gym, I knew that with this kind of training and commitment, I could be the fittest person on the track. Another thing I like about training with Charlie is that he will get out there and do it with you. It really motivates me to try my hardest. He’s not just in this for the money. He’s still in it for the love of training, and having him there to do it with you and push you the whole way is really good. Thanks for everything, Charlie!”
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