Chad Pennington | QB
Miami Dolphins (Former)

“Simply put, Charles Petrone’s training methods work. I’ve worked with Charles for over 16 years, and have seen first-hand how he has evolved with his training methods. With his patience, determination, and commitment, Charles has helped mold me into the successful athlete I am today. Petrone fully understands how to improve each individual athlete. His training focuses daily on my position-specific demands, and every exercise and technique has a purpose. I work with Petrone extensively in the off-season while his in-season training is effective in helping me maintain my level of intensity.”



Harrison Smith | Safety
Minnesota Vikings
1st Round Draft Pick-2012

“Working with Petrone at a young age built the foundation to become a high level athlete and over time he has built me better each year.  I trust my NFL career with Petrone and will always work with him because his work outs transfer to success on the playing field.  He constantly pushes the envelope to make me more explosive, more athletic, and most importantly a better football player.”





Lee Smith | TE
Buffalo Bills

“The knowledge that Charlie has because of his experience with athletes at every level is second to none. But training with Charlie is more than just his knowledge, he truly cares about each and every person he trains developing and getting better. I will never train anywhere else.”



Aaron Dobson | WR
New England Patriots

“My first day with Petrone was so different than anything I expected. I visited several combine centers to train but chose Petrone for his down to earth philosophy of training, and his unique style of speed techniques; which I needed more than anything.  Petrone is my guy for my NFL career.  Friend for life!”



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