Athletes are not the only ones that need to be at the top of their game. CEO’s, business owners, and top executives incorporate Petrone’s style of training into their busy schedules to remain in optimum physical condition.  The ability to train executives at this level is the result of his experience with professional athletes; due to both having a shared characteristic to push toward greatness.  Petrone’s executives expect results, and he delivers.









Mr. James Haslam, II
Founder of Pilot Corp.

“Charles has been training me for more than 15 years.  It is a real tribute to Charles that he can not only train elite athletes like Todd Helton or Chad Pennington, but a 70+ year old man.  He has kept me in topnotch shape. My body fat is 6% and this is attributed to obviously my diet, but mainly my workouts with Charles.  We emphasize flexibility and balance, which is very important for someone my age.  Of course, we also do some weight exercises.  Finally, Charles Petrone is one fine person.  He is fun to be around, and takes a real interest in each of his clients.  I cannot say enough great things about Charles!.”



Mr. James Haslam, III
CEO and President of Pilot Flying J
Owner, Cleveland Browns

“I have the distinct privilege of working with Charles Petrone for over 12 years. Charles has helped me grow both physically and mentally by continually pushing me in a very positive way. Charles’ expertise in speed, strength, endurance, and technique is amongst the best in the Nation. He is both a professional and a personal friend.”





Mr. Brian Debusk
DeRoyal Industries, Chief Executive Officer

“Charles Petrone has been the core of my exercise and wellness strategy for over 20 years. I’ve watched him train anyone from a professional athlete to an ordinary fitness enthusiast with a core set of principles that produce results.  Charlie also spends the time and effort necessary to teach his clients how to maintain and even extend their gains in a healthy, sustainable way.  Even on days I when I can’t be in his gym, his philosophy and techniques are the only methods I ever use.”
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