“Heal Thyself”

0324_largeAt the beginning of every week last fall Laurent Duvernay-Tardif sorted through his schedule. Medical school rotations, hours in the lab and overnight shifts abounded. When would he fit in a football practice?

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“Catholic star Smith transforms himself into hot prospect”


His football coach, former University of Tennessee standout and Minnesota Vikings star Tim Irwin, who worked as a football agent, gave him some advice: See Charles Petrone. ”That’s where he sent all his guys,” Smith said. “(Irwin) said he’s the best guy around. That’s why I started going to him.”

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“Hooker: Smith, Berry make impressive runs at camp”


The younger Smith has been working with Petrone Training, which lists Chad Pennington, Leonard Little and Albert Haynesworth as former clients. Charles Petrone, who owns the center, said Smith usually steps up his game when it matters.

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“Rockies’ Helton sporting new look”

Back-better-Helton-gets-back-to-form-FA7QPF0-x-largeBy season’s end, Helton needed to get away. He needed to eat properly and rebuild muscle, sure, but he had to get away as well. So he combined it all, working a program developed by Knoxville, Tenn., trainer Charles Petrone but taking some time to let his hair down.

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“The Season Of Renewal”

0915_thumbBenched last year in favor of Kellen Clemens, he began working out full time in the off-season with Charles Petrone, a trainer he’s known since he was a high school sophomore in Tennessee.”He was this skinny, broke country kid with big feet and big hands,” Petrone says. “He walked up to me at the gym and said, ‘I’d like to train with you.’ I was like, ‘Who the hell are you?’”

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ESPN Magazine

espnColorado Rockies First Baseman Todd Helton…..
By Bob Kravitz of ESPN Magazine

“Helton started off preternaturally hot, thanks in part to an off-season workout program with Knoxville-based trainer Charles Petrone, who emphasized flexibility over bulk. He began hitting lefties, thanks in part to coming to the plate with a plan and also to the Rockies using two left-handed BP pitchers – a luxury they didn?t have before.”


Colorado Rockies Magazine

rockies magSimply Unassuming

“I made an effort to change how I prepared in the off season,” said Helton, who spent six days a week wringing out calories under the watchful eye of highly-regarded personal trainer Charles Petrone, while pumping iron to the sounds of Kid Rock . “I had heard about (Petrone) from a friend. He had said a lot of good things about him. So I gave it a try. My goal was to get stronger, while also keeping my flexibility. I think it really helped.”


Baseball America


Offensive Onslaught
By Barney Hutchinson of Baseball America

“During the off-season, Helton changed his weightlifting regime to give him more flexibility and less bulk. He felt less tight in spring training, which he ended with a 16-game hitting streak that carried over to the first 10 contests of the regular season.”


IronMan Magazine

ironmanPower Bodybuilding, Get Ready for Your Size and Strength to Explode
By Bryan Denham, Ph.D. of IronMan Magazine

“A friend of mine, Charles Petrone, president of Petrone Speed & Strength in Knoxville, Tennessee, draws an analogy between the dead lift and the 40-yard dash. When Charlie trains athletes for speed, he breaks the major sprints into segments. In other words, his athletes don?t run 40-yard dashes to improve their 40-yard-dash times. Instead, they work on four 10-yard segments and ultimately achieve a greater, or faster, whole.”


RacerX Ilustrated

racer 5 Minutes with……Ryan Mills Factory Connected
By Jason Weigandt of RacerX Illustrated

“New York?s Ryan Mills has been one of the nation?s top amateur prospects for years, but bad luck has prevented him from claiming a National Championship at Loretta Lynn?s. The 16-year-old is now ready to make a dent in the pro racing scene, and he?s going to have help. The Amsoil/Factory Connection/Honda Team, his longtime amateur sponsor, rewarded Mills with a ride for the final few Outdoor Nationals for fall of ?03. But before he officially moved up, Ryan went to Loretta?s one more time to try to claim that ever-elusive national title. Pitting out of Mike LaRocco?s luxurious Factory Connection hauler, he finally broke through and claimed the 125 A National Championship.

You are moving into the pros now. Is that something you?ve been thinking about, or have you been focusing on your final attempt at an amateur title?

You know, I?ve been thinking about the last three nationals a lot. This is almost like on off-week for me. I?ve been working really hard with my trainer, Charles Petrone, and also testing a lot with Honda. I want to show everyone what I?ve got. I was actually looking past this race a little.”


NFL Insider

nfl insideChad Pennington Looks Ahead to a Career with the NFL
By Brian Peterson of NFL Insider

“My IPI experience has been better than I expected. Charles Petrone is my personal trainer back home in Knoxville, and he does a tremendous job with me. We?re almost like brothers. But even he said that it would be a good time to get my body rejuvenated and improve my skills. Once the combine is over, I?ll go back to [Petrone] and go from there.”


Playground Magazine

paygroundRock Star The Ryan Mills Column

By playground magazine

“After Muddy Creek I will be staying at Charles Petrone?s facility in Knoxville, TN. Charles has taken me under his wing as his motocross rider project. I’ll be training with him 2 weeks before Ponca. The last time I was at the facility was after Las Vegas for a 5 day shock treatment. I?ve been working hard, especially with my motos. I work practices like a National day. With qualifiers and motos. I add cross training on days I don?t ride and double up some days. It’s been nice and hot in the Northeast. Mike Tomlin (Mikey) has been keeping my bike together and my practice sessions going. The bikes have been great this year, especially with all the help of the team Amsoil/Factory Connection/Honda support.


The Associated Press

Haynesworth Huffs, Puffs, Says He?ll Be Ready
By Teresa M. Walker

The Titans saw Kearse-like potential when they drafted Haynesworth with the 16th pick overall. Haynesworth wanted to make a good first impression on veterans like Kearse and Kevin Carter. But he quickly found out that the NFL is very different from college. He thought he was ready for the NFL after working with trainer, Charles Petrone, running hills back in Knoxville.

Pennington Pilots Jets to AFC East Title

By Barry Wilner of USA Today

“He’s probably one of the hottest quarterbacks in the league now,” Colts reserve defensive tackle Josh Mallard said. Mallard has never met Pennington. Yet somehow familiar with his work ethic by virtue of sharing the same Knoxville personal trainer, Charles Petrone. “The first thing we have to do is call Charles and get him to psyche Pennington out,” Mallard said.


The Knoxville News-Sentinel

Major Colleges Grabbing Up Area’s Top Prospects (article on Bryan White)
By Mark Burgess of The Knoxville News-Sentinel

“Charlie has made a world of difference for me,” he said. “He transformed me from a 190-pound player into a 235-pound force. I can really tell the difference out on the field. Right now, I’m the biggest and fastest I’ve ever been.”


The Plain Dealer

Top Sports Trainers Make the Leap to Cyberspace
By Jenny Staletovich of The Plain Dealer

For the right price, you can be like Mike. Or you can lift weights like New York Jets quarterback Chad Pennington or work out with cycling champion Lance Armstrong’s coach. But, can training like a pro make you, a mere mortal, as fit as one? With unlimited time, money, and natural ability, perhaps yes. More likely, as Armstrong’s coach, Chris Carmichael, points out, hopeful athletes are simply buying a brank, the same as Nike, or Subaru, that they hope will make them top-notch…..Charles Petrone, who counts Pennington and Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton among the clients of his Knoxville, Tenn., gym, added online coaching to his business three years ago. “You get a lot of dreamers in this business, ahtletes who played college ball and still think they can play at that professional level,” he said. “We have them go through a series of tests to see what their athletic ability is.” Petrone is willing to give his clients a shot at their goals before he modifies them to something more realistic. It’s not unrealistic to say train like a professional athlete, but people aren’t going to hit like Todd Helton or throw like Chad Pennington,” he said. You’re going to get a taste of it, so you can say these guys really churn it up.”

The Tennessean

Working It Out
By Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean

While the Titans edged closer to getting Rookie Albert Haynesworth signed yesterday, the defensive tackle was in Knoxville working out with a personal trainer and waiting for news about his unfinished contract.
Haynesworth, selected by the Titans with the No. 15 pick in the first round, struggled through minicamps in May and June because he wasn?t in very good shape. Since then, he?s been working with trainer Charlie Petrone of Petrone Speed and Strength, Inc. ?He should be in better shape but it is hard to see what he does when he leaves the gym,? Petrone said. ?He might run around and get McDonald?s somewhere without me knowing it, but I don?t think he?s pounding the beers down because he wouldn?t be able to train the way we train if you do that.?
Petrone trains a handful of NFL players and Colorado Rockies baseball star Todd Helton, among others.
Petrone said an average workout has Haynesworth riding a stationary bike and doing 45 minutes of weight training, aside from following the Titans off season workout program. Haynesworth has also been running hills, Petrone said.

USA Today

Helton Climbing to Stardom
By Chuck Johnson of USA Today

“Helton attributes his fast start to changing his off-season fitness regimen. Instead of doing exercises to bulk up, he hired a personal trainer for the first time and concentrated on upper-body flexibility drills, and lowering his weight from about 215 to 205.”

Pennington Ready to Wing it With the Jets Despite Low PIck
By Gordon Forbes of USA Today

“The younger Pennington also employs a personal trainer named Charles Petrone to push him on these lazy spring days.”


The Miami Herald

Sweat Factory

By Jeff Darlington

“A vigorous offseason training program has put Dolphins quarterback Chad Pennington in a good spot-mentally and physically.  The regimen is similar to last off-season with one exception.  A year after reuniting on a full-time basis with Petrone, Penning no longer is dealing with hip issues and a bothered ankle that often caused occasional limitations.”



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